Badal Syed (Syed Mohammad Abu Daud) is a Senior Government Officer (Commissioner of Income Tax) by profession, and a social activist and writer by passion. In his words ‘I am a Civil Servant by day and Reader and Writer by night. He prefers his pen name ‘Badal Syed’ as a writer and social activist.

He is a very popular Social media personality of Bangladesh followed by tens of thousands people. 

Out of the area of his Civil Service life, he has established some very popular charity organizations in Bangladesh, namely; 

  1. Pay it Forward– works for the under privileged students. The platform has thirty two thousands members now.
  2. Honest– A  online/offline very low cost nonprofit  shop which has thirty thousand members.
  3. Parents’ Lounge– A free of cost pass time lounge for the senior citizens with members of  2500.
  4.  BCS coaching for free- it is a free platform to groom youngsters for civil service as well as corporate world.
  5. Read, Read, Read ( Palon Sarkar sara deshe) – A free Library for all.
  6. 100 ( 1.25$) Taka restaurant– High class restaurant for lower middle class people to serve quality meal just for one hundred taka (average cost of this meal is (4.75$)

The uniqueness of his charities is they never raise any fund or accept any donation, rather connect donors and recipients only. All service provided then are free except Honest and 100 (1.25$) Taka restaurant- though these two projects charge one fifth of the average market price. All these organizations have very well reputation abroad too.

All this charities are born out of his passion, but by profession he is a civil servant working with the Bangladesh Government. 

Now he is serving  as a Commissioner of Taxes. Before that,  Badal Syed worked in the Bangladesh Civil Service (Taxation) Cadre with the capacities of Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Joint Commissioner and Additional Commissioner of Taxes. He spent two years as a First Secretary at the National Revenue Board for the Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh. 

As a successful member at Civil Service, Badal Syed helped as a focal point officer in the project on Taxation System Modernization in Bangladesh sponsored by DFID. He has received various training home and abroad . 

He has worked as part-time faculty with some reputable universities like Chittagong Independent University, BGC Trust University, and East Delta University.

Badal Syed has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets across the country as well as around the world for his publication and achievements including UN and Ministry of Finance. 

He has worked occasionally with UN on International Taxation.  He is a contributor of the UN handbook on Tax Treaty Negotiation and Administration, UN handbook on Negotiation of Tax Treaties for Developing countries, UN handbook on Protecting Tax Base of Developing Countries. taxation. 

He is one of the most popular writers of Bangladesh, specially favorite to youngsters. He has published seven books so far ( স্বপ্ন ডানা – আকাশ ছোঁয়ার গল্প, জন্মজয়, জলের উৎস, মাটির পিঞ্জিরার মাঝে, অলৌকিক আঙুল, ছায়া সন্ধান, সাধুসঙ্গ)

He feels comfortable to be identified as a  writer and Social Activist, Rather than a Civil Servant.

Badal Syed holds a B.S.S. and M.S.S. in Public Administration from the University of Chittagong. He is currently living in Chittagong, Bangladesh with his family.

He always endeavors to give back to the community that has given him so much. That is why he lives by a simple motto that drives him every day of his life and encourages others to follow: ‘Let Us Spread Kindness’.